Friday, 21 December 2012

Best Weirdest Creepy Unknown Movies You Haven't Seen

ABC's of Death + Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters SSMR
Upside Down SSMR
Django Not Funny

“I have great faith in the possibility that this is just what you have been looking for”

So you’ve seen Visitor Q, Eraserhead, Braindead, Holy Mountain, all the movies *here*, Tetsuo and Electric Dragon, had a Lynch phase, set eyes on Izo and tasted Paprika, Where Else Can You Go!?

Mentally ill, outcasted yet self-assured AnnaLynee McCord struggles with getting through American high-school and a unique personal life in a cleanly shot comedy-horror drama with a nice surprise at the end. Its bleak honesty and endearing lead actress ensure that this movie is an enjoyable one, the odd opening scenario hooks viewers in alarmingly.
Similar to: May
One for the weirdest: Abortion: Gotta be cold and you cant look back

A very random, shocking and funny escapade set in the Japanese countryside. A Yakuza man loses his prized boss and goes on a search to find him, encountering a small assortment of very odd scenarios and characters. The completely bizzare, gooey ending to this film is one that's very likely to stick with you forever.
Similar to:  Err…Suggestions please..Exte
One for the weirdest: Jelly Baby

A quiet case for racism against “whites”. Cat-killing inbreds shamelessly showcase some of their odd lives’ trivial moments and understandings in grimy fashion. Story-less and playful, this movie is simply a very weird, beautifully filmed sequence of sheer ugliness and stupidity that will shock and disturb all who view it. 
Similar to: Kids
One for the weirdest: Get that queer chair!!

Funny-faced man with big hair wakes up in a white room with odd, random objects poking out of the walls and only one tricky, elusive way out. The room swiftly fills with objects as he and the viewer gradually understand the rules of this game. Full of metaphors and poetic liberties, this film will uplift and enlighten as well as bemuse and humor.
Similar to: Hmmmm…. Fantastic Planet, not really…
One for the weirdest: Baby balls
A group of people in a depraved game show, testing their sadism, will and decency. Featuring some hilarious whilst disgusting scenarios, defined characters and expert b-movie flair. Sexy, gross and funny, it might be hard to find but it’s definitively worth it, a classic weirdo flick you might actually want to watch again.
Similar to: Grotesque.. also.. watch Aliens vs Ninjas and Imprint
One for the weirdest: Toothbrush

The Fall
A lighter entry on this list but nevertheless worthy. An exquisitely put together voyage through some of Earth's most stupendous lands as an man unwell tells a young girl a gripping story. Should be seen in the highest possible quality and biggest screen available. A unique story complimented by amazing photography. Weird, family friendly and with a few lessons to teach. 
Similar to: The Fountain 
One for the weirdest: Isn't he him?

A lost and confused man has a really dark and claustrophobic experience. Trapped in a long, dark and narrow room with barely enough room to turn around, will he see light once again? The less you know the better, this film lasts a mere 49 minutes. Watch this right before you watch A Snake of June, similarly weird and from the same man but a little more sweetening as opposed to bitter.
Similar to: Marebito…964 Pinocchio
One for the weirdest: Close Walls and Warm Rain

Incestuous siblings watch eachother throw their lives down the drain in a seedy, neon-lit Tokyo. This is a strenuous cinematic rollercoaster featuring sex, psychedelia and hallucinations, a colourful but draining dream; if you watch this in its entirety, all in one sitting, you will feel dirty and violated. A very special viewing experience only for the strong.
Similar to: Irreversible
One for the weirdest: Internal view of penetration.. anyone?

Strange Circus
A erotic novelist's daughter struggles to cope with a disfunctional family and disturbing visions. Very weird and dark, the storyline is somewhat hard to follow but all makes sense at the end. The creepy and extraordinary scenarios feel otherworldly, an eerieness permeates throughout the whole film. Wonderfully shot and written; this is a film to buy on blu-ray, if you can and watch in one sitting with your favorite choice of inebriation.
Similar to: Spider Forest...Jacob's Ladder
One for the weirdest: Lady in a box

I'm so happy to have finally remembered this film, the list would have been incomplete without it. The story of Genesis, filmed near silently and in an exceedingly old style. It has a discomforting feeling that is felt within the first second of sight and won't let up until the movie is switched off. YOU NEED TO SEE THIS!!
Similiar to: Those old black and white ghost films
One for the wierdest: Pressing play again...


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  1. fuck yeah... couple more creepers/disturbers for my list. i am always out on the prowl for weird and creepy movies. have you ever seen the reflecting skin? creeped me out and deeply fascinated me as a kid. still has a wonderfully uneasy feel with its fair share of creepy scenes that didnt turn out to just be a case of childhood stupids. also, seeing that you have holy mountain as a reference, have you seen santa sangre? worth the watch, as are most of joderowskis flicks, imo. too bad he didnt get to do dune. would love to see a quality super-list of REAL creepers and just downright strange movies. most lists i see are riddled with popular trash or classics that end up being cheesy cop-out fluff, list-wise. keep dem reviews commin, and i look forward to more of your lists. youve got a new follower in me.