Thursday, 13 December 2012

SSMR: Skyfall / Grave Encounters 2 Movie Review

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Grave Encounters 2 (US 2012)
#Starts of with an overlong introduction, half an hour setting up the characters in a horror film should be the limit. The story is mostly ordinary with a few moments of smart originality but sadly, it leaves no lasting impression.
#The male lead (Richard Harmon) has a memorable, distinctive visage, I expect big things for him; he'd play a great snobby villain or greek god. Everyone in the cast is competent, none giving an outstandingly bad performance.
#Although occaisionally slightly annoying, the "found-footage" style of film-making has evolved to a principled and skilled genre, this presentation is a good example, along with V/H/S and the REC series.
#An interesting, mildly scary horror-flick which has some great moments and well-done, realistic special effects. Worth a good-quality paid rental.
* - * - * -   -   - 3.8/5

Skyfall (UK 2012)
#Retains the practices of the originals with an exotic cast, extraordinary sets and scenarios. Strong, nuanced characters, the script is smart and well-written; understated and slick with moments of clean, dry humour.
#Great framing and cinematography, a beautiful and colourful viewing with original, clear and awesome action scenes. This movie probably couldn't have been filmed any better. Its liberal running-time is full of quality. If you liked The Fall and The Fountain you'll be pleased to see this; the environments are some of the best and most varied i have seen in recent memory.
#Performance's are exemplary across the board and the women, oh the women ;)  007's nemesis, his dark mirror image, is a creepy dude and is certainly a worthy Bond-villian.
#A brilliant, near flawless experience that feels like a true Bond-film modernized, optimised and innovated.
* - * - * - * -   - 4.2/5

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