Monday, 17 December 2012

SSMR: A Thousand Words / Cosmopolis Movie Review

A Thousand Words (US 2012)
# Eddie Murphy delivers a power-house performance that even a prime Jim Carey would be proud of. This family-friendly and funny film is about a man who is cursed with the ability to talk himself to death.
# The pacing is damn near perfect and the script is clear, clean and competent but the cinematography is weak and uninspiring, lacking imagination and toning.
# The supporting cast members all have strong showings. Eddie's assistant; Clark Duke stands out, boldly adding to the appeal of the movie.
# A great film to watch if you're a man wishing to see if you are dead on the inside; you must stay connected, because the climax is a well-done tear-jerker. Worth a cheap DVD purchase..
* - * - * - * -   - 3.5/5
Cosmopolis (US 2012)
# David Cronenberg simply said "let me get Robert Pattinson in a limo and copy a book I like", he then realised: Sex, hypnotism and wavey philosophy automatically make a film worthwhile, to some.
# Doesn't really have a story, it chronicles a day where a crazed businessman goes a bit more crazy, the script jumps and falls from wonderful honesty to pretentious idiocy at a frequent and disorienting rate.
# Some lovely shots and slick camera-work, the film sure looks nice but its beauty is wasted. Nothing actually happens, the visuals serve the dialogue.
# If judged as an 'audiobook', with the added element of moving images, this production is a stellar and valuable one but as a blu-ray purchase, it is not worth the price or materials. If at all, watch for free.
* - * - * -   -  - 3.2/5

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