Thursday, 10 January 2013

Quentins Django Makes Joke of a Grimy Past

Watching Django Unchained as a man identified as black is a difficult and stomach churning ordeal.....

...especially when you're watching a bootleg copy complete with audience applause in all the wrong places.
If this unrealistic and fantastical film was shown in the actual 1700's it is set in it would be seen as a side-splitting satirical comedy, a flip-side to the brutal reality of a living hell. The film makes a joke, a farce, of something so unfunny.

As with 'the Help' and nearly every other film about race, Django Unchained sidesteps around the real issues; aspects of slavery worth detailing for audiences such as the hatred/suffering, the causes, conditions and repercussions. Of course, nobody wants to see that boring sludge. Nobody wants to know-- when they think they already do. Many a great horror film silently portrays the conditions of slavery..think about that statement. Look at how big that genre is.. and we can't get a hundred million dollars behind a film that's honest about racism, the gory horror would probably be huuge in certain parts of Europe and Asia.

While hosting NBC's Saturday Night Live, Jamie Foxx joked about being excited "to kill all the white people in the movie". Jeff Kuhner wrote a reaction to the SNL skit for The Washington Times:
 "Anti-white bigotry has become embedded in our postmodern culture. Take Django Unchained. The movie boils down to one central theme: the white man as devil — a moral scourge who must be eradicated like a lethal virus."

 it is the 'WHITE' RACIST THAT HAS BEEN AND IS A DEVIL, one of a short list of his iterations...
in this film, the "white" man is accurately depicted as the devil-- as "He" actually was for all those centuries.

The central theme is white racism. Fairly... yet fairly likable actors were cast as the racists, dampening their menace...and their death screams of agony were comedic and short lived. The film portrays white racism and death, NOT 'a black experience' from that time-- one that would be truly harrowing and alarming.

It is a comedy, if you let it be, not clearly an action film nor a drama nor a thriller nor a factual representation.

Dj and Go's most honest moment is the Mandingo fight; for some reason, the most detailed and prolonged moment of the film. You feel it. A full film of that sort would be banned. Where is our rendition.. will they watch? Its saddening that this equivocal farce is about the only way we want to face this disgrace of a history, with jokes and hidden messages.

If any film maker is planning to make a reversal movie: one that honestly details racial history but with the pale in place of the dark to help with accessibility, I've got a few ideas.. Contact me.

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