Monday, 18 March 2013

ABC's of Death / Hansel & Gretel Film Review :: SSMR

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013) 
#The cast is merely competent with Jeremy Renner coming off neatly but Gemma Arterton delivers too many lines with discomfort and quickly becomes annoying, the capable supporting cast props this film up from a slump.
#The CGI, looking like a student piece, is laughable and the costumes look cheap and unoriginal. Locations are also boring and uninspired.
#The story is an unsurprising, cliched 2+1 affair with a few lacklustre action-scenes that are unimaginative and simplistic and no big or impressive scenarios. The film looks like a B-movie despite its multi-million dollar budget.
#A completely worthless and forgettable distraction. Not worthy of even a free viewing. The producers have basically sold an idea to the hordes with the near irresistible promotion material.
#-#- - - - 1.7/5

ABC's of Death (2012)
#All of the acting from the long list of cast members is well shot, directed and convincing.
#Interesting throughout, shot in 25 varying styles, amazingly none of the segments outstay their welcome.
#The collection incorporates nearly all styles of horror and some of the short stories have a twist at the end.
#A brilliant and memorable compilation of sharp and original ideas with very few duds leaving a memorable lasting impression. One to purchase in high quality for numerous replays with friends and family.
#-#-#-#- - 3.8/5

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