Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Megan is Missing

Okay, so I've just seen Megan is Missing, what a disturbing film, you might want to see it... 

The way to tell if a film is truly disturbing is if you really really don’t want to watch it again, this is one of those films.

The 2011 found-footage style film follows 2 fourteen year old girls, happily enjoying their sexuality at parties, in bedrooms and on chatrooms, who get kidnapped and murdered by a calmly convincing and creepy psychopath.

The film is exceptionally produced and directed; making it easy to believe that the events are real. Only a small number of times was the acting unconvincing, removing you from the story’s reality. 

Nevertheless, this production is harrowing, immersing and unapologetic in its honesty, managing to present a real-life nightmare that everyone can relate to but entertains without need for discretion for the most part.

The ending is guaranteed to be unforgettable.. if you can watch it all..

Watch at your peril… 


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