Saturday, 19 October 2013

Kill 'Em All / After Earth Movie Review SSMR

Monkey brain assembles group of contrasting thugs to fight to the death in an abandoned factory.

The story is garbage and appropriately heavily relaxing. It absolutely has no meanings and no extraordinary character interaction. The old guys and the hotties are the pearls on this wench.

Acting is pretty much uniformly lacklustre, with all the hyperperspiring characters, some who don’t mind letting another man’s blood dry on their lips, delivering nothing more than awkward gawps and grimaces interspersed with spastic-like quivers of discomfort.

Only watch if you want to see a constant and consistent series of fight and kill scenes. There are some awesome moves on display here and it’s all pretty well shot. If you liked the Ong Bak chain….

# - # - # -   -   -   3.0/5

Will and Jayden go facing formidable beasts, finding their future and sightseeing on an alien Earth. The cast’s performances are surprisingly accomplished, Lil’ Jayden is brilliant, believable and heart wrenching, even more commendable considering the undeniably hard task he was given.

Will Smith’s story is nuanced, beautiful and clearly metaphorical however it’s often delivered with tired pacing and absent tension. A skilful and classical soundtrack, enthralling action sequences and serious tone serve to remedy its slow parts.

Incredible shots and scenery despite some artistic yet uninspired and somewhat cheap n' lazy design work. The film certainly has a unique aesthetic but it is one that you’ll only like if you try..

Just imagine it featured a Japanese cast, the film would be a cult classic. Looking utterly fantastic when viewed in high quality, the deep After Earth is something for all types of viewers to enjoy more than once.

# - # - # - #   -   4.3 / 5

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