Monday, 16 December 2013

Thor 2 SUCKS . Seriously Overrated and Awful

What’s with all this praise given to Thor 2: the Dark World?

While the unabashed comedy Grown Ups 2 and the riveting sci fi After Earth got assaulted with negative reviews and consensus’s that ignored any good in those productions.

It has monkeys calling it the best superhero movie of all time... Is it better than Sin City, Kick Ass, Batman Forever, X2 or The Dark Knight (to name a few candidates)? No! Not even in an alternate Manhattan.
Could it be the best superhero movie of the year? With formidable and towering competition from Man Of Steel, Iron Man 3 and The Wolverine, I seriously dou… say No!! Those three films were beautiful, well written, action packed and hard to fault fairly.

This film however (Thor 2) is simplistic, soulless, unashamedly cliché and had a budget that seems to have been spent mostly on marketing and big wage packets for CG artists. Its big anti-climax final set-piece of dung stinks of a Christmas Doctor Who episode: nonsensical, small scale and hilariously cheesy featuring men in suits as clones, 90’s style. Unlike Grown Ups 2, this production is funny for all the wrong reasons. It presents London as a ghost town that has Buckingham palaces everywhere. The comedy/humor is simple minded, unoriginal and random, only causing laughs if you try to.

The cast’s performances have been called masterful, brilliant and awesome… a distinct injustice. The actors struggle to deliver the easiest laymen roles convincingly. Oscar winner Natalie Portman looks like an amateur, only opening her mouth and wiggling her eyebrows in the attempt to express any emotion. Nobody had to act. Stellan Skarsaarsse got paid to speak like a drunk for a few minutes after each plane trip and Chris Eccleston, someone I’m happy to see working, simply had to talk like a spasticated idiot. Tom Hiddleston, what a lucky guy. “You’re not my father” he said.

This film sucks and I want my 30 loafs of bread back. I’ve watched it once, which is okay because I may as well keep up with the soap opera of Marvel movies, but I seriously want to watch the next one for free. I wish that the people would stop talking rubbish about certain films, the question is why do people overrate and underrate certain films?.. May I just mention the overall reception of Red Tails in comparison with that of Flyboys? Imagine if and when the Black Panther movie gets made and it’s a spirited effort with accomplishments… How much will that film be overrated?


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