Friday, 3 January 2014

Don Jon / Blue Iz Da Warmest Color SSMR


#For anyone who has ever asked “what do lesbians do?”. Schoolgirl who grows up to teach children finds her sexuality and encounters its difficulties and pleasures. Shout out to a seemingly universal pleasure: Lyke Li’s ‘I’ll Follow You’.

#The story is empty, simply a voyeuristic ordeal about passion, relatonships and the beauty of white girls. Men are alluded to but aren't treated with any validity or given any positive influence. Acting is good from all but is never anything more than a ‘be yourself‘ cakewalk.

#Sex scenes are shot with a 1970s sensibility; you saw more genitalia in Baise-Moi, Antichrist and Irreversible. To be fair, the whole film is very well shot, using both documentary and meandering arthouse techniques with testing liberty. Without the sex, the film would be worthless.

#A film that could have 90% of its running time scrapped and be better, still giving the same lesbianism is heaven message. Watch it if you're LGBT or want to masturbate over softcore.

 # -   -   -   -   -   1.3/5

#Okay, I liked this movie so much because I'm a wanker. JGL grows up fast out of masturbation and a destructive porn addiction by having relationships with special women.

#Commendable for so many reasons: from the detailed character that pads out the bare yet worthwhile plot to the delicate and righteous treatment of the token black role to the brilliantly honest and skillful writing and direction to the absolutely optimal performances of every cast member.

#Brutal with its expressions and messages, always bearable - somehow it is never annoying or uninteresting despite the simplistic story arc and oddly complimentary predictability. 

#Don Jon is an odd and valuable specimen; Rom-Com that serves both sexes. See this, two weeks after Limitless.

# - # - # - # -   -   3.6/5

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