Monday, 24 February 2014

Raze Movie Review SSMR

SSMR stands for Short N Sweet Movie Review

#If you enjoy female UFC fights and psychological horror, this is a film for you.

#Conjuring memories of Martyrs and Red Room, Josh C. Walters action drama is shot exceptionally well with a mostly high quality cast. Only one actress in this production is weak.

#The soundtrack is perfect and the resolution is bitterly satisfying. A mention must be made for the films veiled racism both on part of the primary antagonists and the writers. The sole 'black' competitor is racially taunted and allows herself to be beaten as an act of compassion and exclusion from the conversation.

#The story, minus its final segment, can possibly be seen as an allegory for women entering the workplace due to the wealthy and commanding elite raising the cost of living and lowering wages. If you don't fight (work), your loved one loses their life and redundancy is inevitable.

#A riveting, shocking and visceral experience for thinkers. Worth paying to watch in HD.

- # - # - # -   -   -  3.1/5

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