Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Shame The Devil / Ganzfield Haunting SSMR

Ganzfeld Haunting (2014)
#Four twenty-something tearaways get wasted while reaching out to dead relatives by using an old-school manga glasses device and consequently having their sexy time disrupted by the summoned spooker.
#Absolutely perfect cast, all are pretty and act very well on the skilled direction given for their unique and well developed characters, with few moments of unbelievability and plenty of pleasure. The story is interesting to say the least and to sum it up: Decent. Michael Oblowitz executes a highly skilled production but often falls with some annoying editing and weak effects.
#Though somewhat limited, the soundtrack does a good job of being edgy and traditional at the same time and serves well in accentuating the events. The cinematography is a mixed bag, on one hand it is cheap, boring and often awful, on the other, it is raw, maximises use of the singular environment and has an accessible simplicity.
#Totally cringe worthy but fun Hollywood fodder reminiscent of a crackhead Wild Things. The movie is light hearted when its serious,  tense yet relaxing and crap when its good. Gripping from start to finish, this supernatural drama might just have you on the edge of your seat, tight crotched. Free or HD Buy.

# - # - # -   -   - 3.3/5

Shame The Devil  (2013)
#Fat British cop unravels a Saw-like murder mystery abroad and meets a questionable but satisfying super-twist ending. The film starts off slow and weak but heats up, creating an awful baseline at the beginning to easily improve on with the rest of it.
#The lead actress is absolutely brilliant, giving this movie most of its worth but, to be pragmatic, everyone else is the cast is below par; amateurs with confidence.  The main man is endearingly unique but too often acts inappropriately in relation to the events of the film, making certain moments unconvincing.
#Feels like a mid budget TV movie, with streaks of greatness lined with streaks of poop. The story is often thrilling and the production is highly spirited but the film-makers embracing of its low budget constraints seem to show a lack of conviction with some detracting effects and directions.
#Watch for free on a slow Tuesday.

# - # - # -   -   -   2.8/5

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