Sunday, 30 March 2014

Monkey King SSMR - movie review

Konkey Ming (2013)

#Crystal monkey god gets in the way of a fight between a supreme dictatorship and a good evil demon tribe (I know).

#The masterfully paced yet nonsensical story is fantastically gripping with hugely developed characters and allegorical capability.

#All of the cast does well with their easy roles but Donnie surprises with his difficult one, presenting an amazing comic performance that seems to channel Jim Carey, Kevin Hart and an old lady suffering dementia.

#Although not uniformly competent in terms of technicality, everything is lavish. Its colourful, artistic and highly stylised aesthetic surpasses everything seen in the 300 films and delights with its variety. The bad stuff only serves to highlight the good.

#Memorable slice of family friendly fun, buy the Blu-ray.

# - # - # - # -   -  4.0 / 5

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