Thursday, 1 May 2014

Nurse 3D SSMR

Nurse 3D (2013) 

#Crazy bi!$h with a sad and bloody past goes around tormenting the annoying and guilty in a slightly philosophical erotic-horror thriller.

#The talented cast is brilliant, everyone filling their role pleasantly and with undeniable skill. Nurse's maniacal coo-elty, Blondie's caring innocence, Boyfriend's cheesy attempts and the Policeman's sexual authority. Weak audio score but weirdly awesome vocals.

#Spirited writing that adds high interest to a simple but fleshed out story. Flawless but ordinary cinematography. The SFX are the definition of cheap and cheerful with sparse but cutting violence spraying some of the most realistic blood I've ever seen in cinema.

#Albeit nowhere near scary to me, Nurse 3d is one of, if not the, best American horror films of 2013. Buy on Blu-Ray or pay for stream.

- # - # - # - # -   -  4.3/5

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