Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Lau's Switch & Contract Killers Reviews SSMR

#Jarring editing and pacing that feels like 3 movies, each with a different director, intermixed but conflicting in both scenario and method.
#The south-east Asian cast are suitably over-dramatic, charming their way to redeeming their British companions embarrassing awfulness. Andy Lau is as charismatic as ever, miraculously melding together the mishmash of properties.
#Huge, colourful and artistic sets and settings. Awesome shots and production values but the absence of good juxtaposition nearly nullifies the beauty on show.
#The convoluted story is crippled by distinct lack of skill, authenticity and believability, leaving Switch feeling old fashioned (90's) but with modern production tools and techniques in use.
##Warning: this film features blonde Asians in roles of supremacy.
# - # -   -   -   -   1.6/5

#Irresistable white guy goes round killing on contract trying not to get himself killed by a chinese badass. For those who play COD, think action web-series' are good and liked 2012's Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning.
#The swiftly paced story is gripping but predictable with interesting characters that could have been a little more fleshed out, the chinese badass antagonist is the star of the show. Complimentary soundtrack is rough but spirited.
#The acting direction of the Thor lead and his damsel is the worst thing about this film redeemed by amazing scenes of masterfully cut violence that have an imperfect but awesome sense of realness.
#Although often charmingly amateurish both in performance and staging, we are in the modern age of film making and this is not a bad movie for its b-action genre. Contract Killers was Cool with some seriously moments of brilliance, you may enjoy it.

#Steal in HQ or buy for cheap.
# - # - # - #   -   3.7/5

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