Thursday, 14 August 2014

I Love An Old Night In Mexico - Movie Review (sorta)

A night in Old Mexico just earned itself a spot on my 'most favourite movies of all time' list', no mean feat considering how many films I manage to watch. It's a heart-warming and riveting tale of universal masculine wish fulfilment.
As the title suggests, the story spans a long evening (actually a little more) in (and outside of) Old Mexico. A grandson meets his grandfather and they enjoy a risky night of good living, featuring hoodlums, a depressed beauty, cheap hats and a bag of money.
There's just something timelessly special about this film, it seems like it could be set in the eighties and looks to still be enjoyable years from now.
It's astonishing quality seems to be derived from the nervous expressions of the lead youngster, the wise cockiness of the lead elder, the comical loving natures of the antagonists, a grittily endearing locale and the literal fantasy that is the lead female. Uplifting story arcs are the icing on the cake, solidifying its surface to a deeply sweet pleasantry.

Check this film out if you love your father...

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