Thursday, 1 January 2015

Best Films Of 2014

Waiting until the true end of the year, here are my favourite films of 2014. I watch too many movies, typically 15 a week so won't be sheepish with my picks.

The entries have to be films that will be watched again, great one-timers are excluded.

Basic Tingz.. nobody is paying me

VHS Viral
Skater Scene

Top Five
Sheer Bliss

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb
Monkey Kiss

Well Avenged

Catch Hell
Pure Spirit

A Night in old Mexico  333333333
Father fantasy

Interstellar's SFX
Dumb Story

Captain  America: The Winter Soldier
Pure Slick

The Monkey King
Good Job

Time Out of Mind
Life Experience

R100 222222222
Ichi!! Weird?

Maze Runner

Raid 2: Berendal. 11111111
Come on

Lap Dance
Good points

My Man Is A Loser
Clean ass

Brit Crime

Sex scene

Great concept

Kill The Messenger
Much Needed

Hobbit: Five Armies
Epic film-making

Dear White People
Great Entertainment

Seen much?

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