Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Anomaly / Guest SSMR

#Great British actor travels the world and time, inside his mind.
#Riveting from start to finish, this original sci-fi actioner will probably get watched more than once, if you can respect Noel's unusual (for a lead) face and expressions.
#Some realistic and awesomely accomplished long-shot fight scenes. With a challenging story, there are great performances from the three leads and most of the supporting cast.
#Fuelled by great ambition, the often visible low budget is spiritedly fought against. Skilled and varied imagery with some brilliant special effects and a classy big-name cameo from Brian Cox. Although its use of funds were maximised, the film is let down by some dodgy accents and translucent plotting.

3.4/5     # - # - # -   -   -

Nuff' said
Watch this film now, you'll enjoy it

4.2/5        # - # - # - #   -

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