Friday, 1 May 2015

+1 / Digging Up The Marrow SSMR

#It's that 'Best Party Ever' movie again except just as the host's party trick is revealed it all goes awry

#Niftily shot and edited, some bad and misplaced CGI but a pleasant palette.

#Truly horrible script and acting, with stolen chunks of dialogue and offensive brainwashing tactics. Starts with what seems to be a humourless Superbad-American Pie tribute film.

#A totally pointless film that you've already seen before..
0.1/5 - - - - -

#The most obviously homosexual horror film-maker, with a hot fake wife, actually finds monsters.
#Its fake-doc plot struggles at times, with distracting and detracting acting and an offensively careless sense of progression. Shot with clean framing and sharp colouring, its visuals are a strong point - monster-wise a lot is left to be desired by an odd lack of 'what you came to see'.
#Despite the faux-reality on show, everything is held together sleekly by the soundtrack which so cleanly injects a strong dose of 'perfection protection'. "But, that guy's a famous actor, this is a movie.."
#Moronically attempts a show of low quantity and quality. At times, it seems that the film-makers, who are also on screen, are embarrassed by what they have done.
2.3 - #-#- - - -

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