Saturday, 2 May 2015

Get Hard Is Basically A Universally Bearable Race Lesson

In its fully balanced form, the film shows both main sides of the ‘nigger’ / black person coin, portraying both people types as friendly and appreciable.
The ‘black’ Darnell (Kevin Hart) is a lovable, level headed and intelligent wimp while the ‘white’ Chris is a physically capable, instinctive and silly oaf. This is a reversal on the hated typical racial stereotypes seen in cinema and is exercised upon in this film to great effect.
Darnell has a heart melting video-call to a gay man for no reason other than his enjoyment before raiding a Nazi biker bar and delivering a simple yet potent ode to peace to them after saving his ‘white’ buddy from their evil clutches.
There is valiantly illegitimate irony here; the film seeks to denounce the stereotypes that it initiates and attracts with. 
“Goodbye, you got a ‘white’ girl’s ass!” … Kudos...

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