Thursday, 4 June 2015

Diamond Ruff / Dragon Blade SSMR

Diamond Ruff (2015)

#Black empowerment life story / court drama with a Tyler Perry tone. Has an extended introduction that is totally tonally different to the rest of the film.

#Supremely enjoyable plotting and scripting, if unoriginal, although the editing does have 'baseline' moments of suspected sabotage or amateurish folly, with spots on its sweet sound score and, not to the detriment of beauty, a TV-movie lack of cinematographic flair.

#A surprisingly strong and numerous cast, there are a few duds but they suit the film's
tone and are outweighed by the plentiful shows of pleasant competence on display for the majority of the running time. Michael Colyer's performance alone is worth the fee of viewing.

#This is a great 'twisty n' smiley' experience with some great messages, watch it ASAP, classical stuff.

 #-#-#-#- - 3.7/5

Dragon Blade (2015)

#Truly epic, made in China so they have little excuse for skimping, uber-western / war / martial arts film with some undeniably great cinematography.

#It seems that the low-fee Hollywood cast members recognised the weight of this production and took it seriously, not like with the elementally similar Outcast, providing near career-height performances all around.

#Kung-fu scenes with very few strings, Adrien Brody kicking serious ass. The story is far from original but is done grippingly outshining its great soundtrack.

#Its funny that Hollywood needs at least three times the budget of this film to make anything like it. Ends amazingly. Deserves to be on some Best Of 2015 lists.

#-#-#-#- - 4.0/5

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