Sunday, 7 June 2015

Hybrid / Kill Hole Movie SSMR Review

The Hybrid (2014)

#Rag tag group of Brits packing weapons and wearing expendables costumes uncover Soviet science secrets.

#Awesome cast, with great choices for all roles. The initial main female antagonist
is perfectly loathsome with a face made for slapping. Everyone does well but
Ned Dennehy stands out as a legendary gem and lightie Antonia Thomas is just gorgeous, the unique but once or twice lapsing direction of the cast brings out some amazingly effective moments.

#Practically flawless visuals, slickly composed toning and spirited use of it's near invisibly
modest budget, misses some opportunities but serves more than enough. Gripping and well written script, Masterfully suspenseful plot, questionable score.

#If you like Resident Evil - to be fair, Anything - Pay to see this because, sadly, it is one to watch only once.

#-#-#-#- - 3.6/5

The Kill Hole (2012)

#War heroes struggle with life outside of war.

#Chadwick Boseman and his supporting cast put on amazingly raw performances,
Worldly and authentic. A true gripper, exhibiting the frailty of the purest manhood. Not really a woman's film.

#Shot cleanly, without too much flair, the film is beautiful and with a ethereal soundtrack and atmosphere. The visual style can be said to be TV movie style but adds to the sobering reality of this tale.

#Watch this with the family or on your own, it's a good educational journey on life and death.

#-#-#- - - 3.0/5

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