Sunday, 9 August 2015

Fantastic Four 2015 Unfair Hatred SSMR

Yes there were difficulties in the film's production, as always....
Yes, there was way too many teaser trailers, spoiling the movie by showing most of what it had to offer.

Yes, you can see some of the seams left by the different writers.

But the films not bad, it's an enjoyable comic book movie with very few civilian losses. At the end there are flashes, bangs and CGI, followed by the antagonist's demise before a chillled chat between the heroes. What are these critics expecting and why are they so eager to shoot this film down?

Oddly, the critics say the first half is stronger than the second, I disagree. The second half is indisputably spectacular and is much more focused and action packed than the first half, which is technically a sci-fi drama with a driving scene and some green ground-ejaculations, not quite a superhero movie. What are they actually saying? That the superhero part of the movie is not what they wanted from the superhero movie.

Trank's film (metacritic 24) is undeniably a film that is comparable to, if not better than, Thor: Dark World (mc54), Avengers: Age of Ultron (66) and Man of Steel (55) in storytelling achievement. A big difference is scale, this film's lower budget shows in comparisons.

Fantastic four delivers a brisk origin story, with flawless pacing that makes 90 minutes feel like 60. The critical issues, I percieve, stem from the slim serving of character development, with the 'black' comic-relief receiving the largest slice in the second half and him not actually being very focused on humour.

Could it be that with ensemble casts, we have been spoiled by the multiple-episode delivery of LOTR, MCU and other properties.

These aspects, combined with an odd semi-seriousness that makes Kate Mara's 'reciting genius' seem out of place and scripting that seems to mock artistic dramatics, leaves FF2015 seeming a somewhat disrespectfully laid back with little of the endearing conciousness, flamboyance and flair seen in its forthcoming and past peers.

I enjoyed it... And I'm sure many others will. It's a bad film and nonsensically superhero-stupid, but more enjoyable than quite a few other comic book movies.

#-#-#-# - 3.6/5

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