Sunday, 15 November 2015

Garm Wars / Mantervention SSMR Movie Review

Hot guy with an everyman personality has his hot friend help him with sleep around to get over his ex-girlfriend.

The soundtrack can’t be criticised, it’s a cheap comedy, but it sure is simple. The visuals sorely lack artistry, only showing flair a noticeably short number of times. Acting is handled with nothing but unbounded confidence all around, nothing is serious here.

Actually quite well written with a brisk pace, decent jokes, smart heartfelt stuff and no stand-out low points. Some moments of true hilarity, underpinned by a realistic plot that is fantastically outlandish on the surface.

A nice mindless viewing. Disgustingly sexist though.

#-#-#- - - 2.8/5

Live-Action Manga by a genre legend featuring a talented and somewhat recognisable western cast, epic processions and a fat chested dog.

Deep on story and dialogue, with a rich world built of conflict, discovery and mystical technology to make you smile as you fantasise. Beautiful scenery and costumes.

Interesting, if anime-like, action scenes, full of explosions and tracking-shots. Very strong choir + orchestral score - Genius airship sound.

A great all-rounder
, to buy and keep, in expectation of sequels. Sadly, not worth a second watch due to its uninspired second half.

#-#-#- - - 3.2/5

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