Monday, 30 November 2015

Visions / Last Shift SSMR Review Horror K.O

Visions (2015)

Dough-brain girl runs from apparitions. That's it.

The film is shot with clear knowledge of horror conventions and, as such, delivers a gripping thrill. Pretty scary, I'd imagine, the expertly made Anton Sanko score is minimal but dread-inducing.

A few directorial fumbles but, overall, the film has great cinematography with engrossing colouring, seat shaking scares and few moments of bad editing.

The star studded cast, featuring Sheldon and an average-hot chick, perform to a great job with not much of a difficult task. Offensively over in 75 minutes, this film wastes little time.

Ultimately forgettable. However, very good while it lasts.

#-#-#-# - 3.8 / 5
 Last Shift (2014)
Locked in the world's craziest police station. Will she get out alive?

Anthony Diblasi’s masterpiece has a unique, brutally realistic flair to it with absolutely stunning creature effects, make-up and cinematography.

The story is simple but serves the purpose well, with a simple script that feels natural and sharp.  

The main actress carries the film with skillful ease. The film shows nothing but quality in its production.

Might just be a super scary genre-gem that will gain momentum through word of mouth. A gripping, well acted B-movie with awesome production values. Check it out.

# - # - # - # -   - 4.1/5

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