Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Kickboxer Vengeance 2016 SSMR

# A not atypical tale of a brother who, loving martial arts, is seeking a fight to avenge a lost family member.
# The production seems to revel in the genre's tropes, failing to miss any out whilst succeeding to revision them pleasingly. The sound mix is spotty for little reason and the 80’s style wound makeup is a damage to the story. The end credits scene alone is worth the price of admission, there are also some truly great rap songs on the OST. 
# The factually ‘big name’ international cast does a good job, if a little unsurprisingly. Nobody involved deserves to have any less work. The love interest, Sara Malakul Lane, should be in more everything.
# Slick but bland visuals present neat but uninspiring viewing, with a seemingly monotone palette that washes the pop out of even the neon-filled night scenes. The fighting has an endearing sense of honesty about its staging that will make most sceptics loud but make genre fans smile.
# One to watch when you want a film that does what it says on the tin.

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