Tuesday, 22 November 2016

HOT BOT / Over Your Dead Body SSMR

# Brooding actor creates a deadly love triangle. 
# A much appreciated artpiece from Ichi the Killer auter Takashi Miike as he works his way toward the 100 directing credit mark. The overall show is masterful in all respects and is a great addition to Japan’s Psycho film genre.
# The story is such that reality and the play are not easily defined. Merit is due to its execution, offering a clean riff on an underused idea. There are some heartfelt assertions, a great tone of darkness and almost illustrative aesthetic texturing.
# Liking Ichi the Killer gives no guarantee to liking this film. Yet, it does have a similar visual language and is undeniably a 'masterwerk'.
#-#-#-#-  -  4.1/5

# Classical-feeling dude-centric comedy about the ‘Weird Science’ scenario with the accidentally created robot replaced with lost one.
# Low budget but honestly endearing, provides a litmus test at the start. If you can handle it, you’re in for a pleasant show. Edited somewhat unimaginatively, this B-movie work is a show of competency in all respects.
# May not be the funniest film but it will keep a smile on your face with above-decent leads and some recognisable faces in the supporting cast. Its whimsical but often nonsensically serious tone lends a uniqueness and honesty to the film.
# Completely unoriginal in its main procession, but entertaining enough to warrant a cheap or free single viewing. Not for men to like around their girlfriends.
#-#-#- - - 3.2/5

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