Saturday, 2 April 2016

Ash / Bruce Campbell Badass Vs Interview Quotes

Ash funnily shows us how to be an unsurpassably confident person.

Ash vs. Superman:

"Ash has traveled in time before. He'd do that again to wipe out baby Superman when he was just a twinkle in daddy's eye."

Ash vs. Batman:

"Ash can kill from a distance. He's already killed many 'winged deadites.' Next!"

Ash vs. Aquaman:

"Ash has to be careful, or he'd die of boredom fighting A-Man. Ash will hold him above water until he 'drowns' on air."

Ash vs. Captain Kirk:

"I'm taller than Shatner. Game over."

Ash vs. Wonder Woman:

"She can 'defeat' Ash any day -- but the surrender is on his terms."

Ash vs. Captain America:

"Ash will distract him with an old-fashioned hot dog, then choke him while he's eating it. All-American death."

Ash vs. Spider-Man:

"He gets a pass. Why? Because I like the residuals!"

Ash vs. Han Solo:

"Han who?"

Ash vs. Daryl Dixon:

"Ash would defeat Daryl by throwing a bottle of shampoo at him. He'll be so amazed at something he's never seen before, he won't even know that Ash has cross-bowed him in the spleen."

Ash vs Bruce Campbell:

"Nobody defeats Bruce Campbell. Not even Ash."


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