Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Boyka Undisputed (2016) SSMR Movie Review

A spin-off in the Undisputed movie universe.

Featuring a Russian-accented Scott Atkins, one of my favourite actors of all time, someone who makes every fake punch look good.

Intricate MMA-inspired choreography to rival the Raid, flawlessly captured with wide angles. The fighting segments are pleasantly split up by romance and gangster themes.

Highly artistic and classical colour schemes, with strong contrasts and unquestionable colour-washing. Editing is exemplarily crisp, with masterful control over pacing.

The raw and winding tale is enacted by a middling and untested mostly-Russian cast that sets a dark tone with strong consistency. Although the audio score is beneficially accomplished, small inadequacies pop up a few times.

Sprinkled with masculine dramatics, Boyka Undisputed hits the gas from the go and never lets up. A thrilling, unflawed masterclass of action cinema.

# - # - # - # -  4.4/5

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