Monday, 7 August 2017

Momentum (2015) SSMR Movie Review

Hitgirl with stolen diamonds runs from English gangster in South Africa.

Honourably pays Morgan freeman for a one-day shoot, sets up a sequel at its ending and then starts the credits with a Clip-Art show. The film has some amazing cinematography, albeit with some horribly shot shaky-cam action sequences. Sound scoring is cheap and cheerful, clich├ęd but sensible. 

None of the cast members act badly. Although the characters are caricatures, they are written well enough to satisfy the focus that is placed on them. Really, they are interestingly extravagant yet relatable.

Story-wise, it’s a gripping thriller, with a sense of humour and honesty that elevates an unoriginal premise to keep you guessing and interested. Makes the most of a limited budget. Feminist identifiers should love the script.

Suffering mainly only from its European-ness; bland colouring and style, this thriller refuses to not be enjoyed. Totally sexy, one for feet fetishists. Watch this if you like the idea of Atomic Blonde.

# - # - # - # -  3.7/5

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