Saturday, 26 April 2014

Zulu & Snowpiercer Movie Review - SSMR

Zulu (2013)

#True detectives run around South Africa getting things off their chests.

#A truly hardcore show, with violence at a level of realistic brutality you're not usually allowed to see in the west. A gripping, tense and intriguing story that is easy to lose track of and may just bring you back for another round.

#Albeit grounded and somewhat mundane, the skilful and bright cinematography makes the film a joy to have on the screen making up for the excruciating soundtrack that is full flavoured but peaks way too high at the worst possible times.

#One to watch for free or purchase cheaply if you can find it.

# - # - #   -   - 3.1/5

Snowpeircer (2014)

#Metaphorical class struggle on a cold train speeding into the future.

#Edited flawlessly, the emotive visuals are spectacularly skillful. The action scenes leave a lot to be desired in terms of display but overflow with drama. This is a cleanly scored film that is hard to criticise.

#The story is gripping and well written, for its type, benefited by its simplicity with a twist ending that shouldn't really be one. The cast, spearheaded by the awesome Chris Evans, perform wonderfully minus Tilda Swinton who doesn't quite deliver a convincing and complete character, here the supporting cast truly supports.

#A galvanising and memorable experience, pay to watch once on a big screen.

# - # - # - # -   - 4.2/5

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