Thursday, 31 December 2015

A Psychologist Gangster's Best Films Of 2015

Every film on this list is a masterpeice, considerable as the respective genre's best film of the year 2015.

Criminal Activities
Best Script

Don Verdean
Religious Metaphors

Time Out Of Mind
Life Experience

Pure Art

Mad Max: Fury Road
Masterful Moviemaking

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
Really Trying

*Stanford Prison Experiment*
Why unrestricted authority is always bad

American Hero
Best of its genre (social commentary character study)

Released in December 2015 in the UK. Simple served well, results in density. Tearjerker of the year. Virtual Sequel to requiem for a dream. Paul Bettany?.. hmm...

Big Short
Most Depressing

Purest Horror movie of the year

Irrational Man
Resonating Joyride

Why Don't You Play In Hell?
Best film I have seen all year

Special Mentions:
Knight Of Cups

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