Monday, 18 April 2016

Monk Comes Down The Mountain SSMR

A Monk Comes Down The Mountain 2015

Like a grounded Superhero-slash-Shaolin movie, but instead of grounded in reality, it is grounded in HK physics, Eastern drama tropes and homoerotic but non-gay bromances.

Immensely beautiful visuals and editing, almost a flawless work. The main apparent criticism is the wire work, which is combated against by the story utilising it as a characterisation instead of a disgrace to reality.

The acting is truly flawless, as is the direction and scripting. There are some meaningful pieces of wisdom and heart-warming moments. The soundtrack is so good that one only notices it when some well-used character-building effects are used.

Watch this, in any way that you can. It is classical HK Cinema but modern!

#-#-#-#-# 4.6/5

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