Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Hobbit / Sorcerer and White Snake movie review SSMR

The Emperor and the White Snake 2011

# A very impressive looking film with many memorable scenes and shots. Distinct and masterful, the cinematography and colour usage serve to give this film its only value.
# Contrary to the impression given by the trailers, the story is a romance with a lack of focus on action. Uninteresting and meaningless, it is the worst element of this production.
# Jet Li and the other, more important, cast members deliver competent performances for easy, simple roles. Frequent weak visual effects taint the great cinematographic compositions on display.
# An enjoyable watch, with a few sequences that you will likely want to rewind, but not worthy of a purchase. See in cinemas while you can, if not, try and watch for free.

 2.7 / 5

The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey 2012

# Special, funny-sized people go on a speedy sightseeing tour around muddy middle earth to kill beasts and thousand minions.
# Truly epic with boundlessly high production values. The story is fascinating; varied in locale and engaging with competent writing that is sharp and humorous if not always well written. The near flawless pacing carries the viewer comfortably, never being boring for too long.
# A very pleasingly shot production that consistently presents masterful cinematography. The CGI can look old at times but is mostly awesome and imaginative, most of the action sequences have an Asia-made feel, with wide angles and artistic special effects.
# You might well enjoy this Tolkien adaptation a bit more than any or all of the editions in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. A highly enjoyable viewing, suited for big screen / blu-ray.

4.1 / 5

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