Monday, 9 December 2013

SSMR: The Suspect / Concussion Movie Review

*Two intellectual professors go robbing banks and manipulating policemen with details of a psychological experiment. The film is a mixture of thriller, drama and horror.

*The racially focused story is absorbing, smart and possibly original, winding viewers on a memorable and twisty tale of ‘quite a lot’.  While Mekhi Phifer stands supreme by delivering a masterclass, everyone from the main cast is impeccable, creating a world that feels realistic and relatable.

*Shot with all conquering range, the cinematography is colourful and arresting. Editing and pacing is near flawless and the simple soundtrack won’t be remembered but is a well fitting, soothing accompaniment.

*Seriously, go and watch this film now. Pay for it too, if funds allow, it’s not one for replay value but it’s a good one to pass on.

# - # - # - # -   - 4.3/5

*Attractive post-40/menopause lesbian delves into escorting to live and learn, luckily having one of the best experiences of prostitution possible. The film is an erotic drama that focuses on personalities and conveying the mind states, activities and dilemmas of women who are ‘living love’ and getting ‘out of date’.

*The well written, sexy and almost inconsequential story is enjoyable but only if you love these types of people or make yourself get into it. The monochrome cast is exceptional minus the lead actress, Jewish Robin Weigert (born 7/7/69) who often seems shy and aware of the camera crew.

*Competent cinematography; the colour toning is bland and pale but shot framing and pacing is artistically skilled. This is not an action movie; it is a cool drama in which even the sex scenes are relaxing / snooze-worthy.

*Not quite riveting, wilfully slow and steady in its pace and place as an arthouse drama for lesbians. Worth a ‘steal’ for late nights with a small screen.

# - # - # -   -   - 3.4/5

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