Friday, 22 March 2013

Java Heat / American Mary Movie Review SSMR

Java Heat (2013)
# Brilliant photography, tones and lighting; the film looks wonderful. Features some beautiful locations and surprisingly high production values for a movie of its budget but unfortunately some of the editing is mis-timed.
# Ario Bayu holds the film together with acting skill whilst hot-man Kellan Lutz is likable, putting on an immature yet respectable performance as a homoerotic marine. Mickey Rourke has an easy job.
# The films highly interesting story is well written, fairly complex and skillfully paced with a pleasing twist or two.
# A thrilling escapade through the colorful Chinese-Arab Java worth watching only for free.
 #-#-#-#- -  3.8/5

American Mary (2012)
# Hot chick, Katharine Isabelle, plays wooden as a psycho with funny stick legs deteriorating in morals as her doll-faced acquaintance Tristan Risk gets you accustomed to weird plastic visages and ugly body modifications.
# Completely worthless without a message or valuable look at the unusual subject matter; made to milk the body-mod community and not represent it.
# Some creepy imagery and scenes, competent cinematography and lighting. From their contributions, the Soska sisters are talentless.
# Weak as a horror, drama or art piece. With no story it is barely worth a single free viewing.
 #-#- - - -  2.1/5

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